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Convenient Delivery Options Across Multiple Locations

Sugar Hollow delivers to a range of popular Norris Lake destinations, ensuring your rental needs are met wherever you are. Our delivery areas include:

  • Lakeside Estates, Sugar Hollow, Hidden Springs
  • Deerfield Resort, Shanghai Area, Norris Crest
  • Peninsula and Alder Springs
  • Powdermill Cove (with a $100 fee)
  • Sequoyah/Stardust/Clearwater Cove (with a $100 fee)
  • East Norris Pointe, Flat Hollow, Powell Valley (with a $200 fee)
  • Big Creek, Cove Pointe, Windsor Point (with a $200 fee)

Boat Rental Delivery Guidelines

Sugar Hollow provides a convenient boat rental delivery service with a few simple conditions:

  • A minimum of 3 consecutive days is required for boat rental delivery.
  • Jet Ski rentals are not available for delivery. These can be enjoyed at the Sugar Hollow Resort and Marina.
  • 1 or 2-day boat rentals are pickup only. No delivery service is offered for these durations.

Flexible Payment & Deposit Policy

Fuel & Liability Policies

Safety & Comfort First

Why Choose Sugar Hollow?

Tailored Services for Every Guest

Sugar Hollow stands out with its personalized approach, ensuring every service meets your unique preferences.

A Fleet That Defines Quality and Comfort

Our meticulously maintained boats guarantee your safety and comfort, making every journey memorable.

Flexible Rental Options to Suit Your Needs

Whether it’s a quick escape or an extended adventure, choose from our half-day, full-day, or multi-day rentals.

Superior Service with Top-Tier Vessels

Our upgraded tritoons offer unmatched stability and comfort. Each vessel is powered by a robust 150 horsepower engine or more.

Mercury Engines: The Power Behind the Pleasure

Our Harris boats are equipped with Mercury engines, renowned for their power and reliability, providing a perfect blend of performance and luxury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fuel Covered in the Rental Price?

Fuel costs are not included in our rental rates. The amount of fuel used depends on various factors like rental duration, water conditions, load weight, and your cruising speed.

What’s Your Policy for Rentals During Bad Weather?

We cannot control the weather and prioritize safety by restricting rentals during inclement weather. If adverse weather conditions occur on your rental day, please contact us to reschedule based on availability. Regrettably, we do not offer refunds for rain.

What Are Your Cancellation Terms?

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before your scheduled rental to avoid losing your security deposit. For weekly reservations, a one-month notice is required for deposit refunds. Please note, cancellations are not accepted during holiday periods and their adjacent days.

Can We Tow with Your Jet Skis?

Towing is strictly prohibited with our jet skis. Any damage, such as ropes or debris sucked into the jet pump, will result in a charge equal to the full jet ski deposit. This policy is in place due to the high risk of accidents and equipment damage.

Do Your Boat Rentals Include Anchors?

Yes, all our vessels come equipped with anchors. However, please note that renters will incur a charge for any anchors that are missing upon the vessel’s return.

*Please be aware that the current condition of the watercraft may not exactly match the picture descriptions.
**Rental rates are subject to change.